Dave’s Latest Book (Coming Soon):

The Hidden Side of How Texting, Liking, and Stalking Impacts Our Relationships

Dave is currently at work on his next book - Facebreak: How Our Personal Lives Have Disrupted the Workspace

In this book Dave has surveyed and researched the effects of Executives and employees who are continually checking Facebook while at work.
In an eye-opening account as chronicled in the initial chapters, Dave has found almost universally that many executives and employees involve themselves in hiding their personal Facebook lives while pretending they are working.

Although this is actually known about in the workplace, people can still be addicted to texting or messaging others while at work which actually often impedes the production and the goals the company.

The information in Facebreak is priceless. You will love this book! I was taken back to a time when real was real and I was really surprised to find out how much I missed that. Not only will this book give you a priceless insight into “the behind the scenes” of any relationship, but what we need to be cognizant of as partners with each each other. Dave’s book wakes you up on a personal level and shows you where we have gone off the rails and HOW to get back on the rails so our relationship will succeed. You will laugh and feel improved after reading it. I did. WOW!” - Julie Lahm

“Dave Worthen has written a much needed book to help people use our current communication, Facebook, and texting without harming our relationships. Many aspects of our current communication are clearly articulated in Facebreak and will help the reader to see both sides of texting and “Liking,”etc, with humor and respect for both the reader and their partner. It's a book that we should all read whether Facebook and texting are small or large parts of our lives. Life isn't a sound bite.  This book points this out and gives you tools to navigate this current communication wave.” - Lee Ann Bell