Meet Dave Worthen

Dave Worthen is an International Speaker, Consultant, Counselor, and Author.

Dave has been helping individuals and couples for over forty years and counts as his greatest pleasure in life helping people overcome personal or relationship barriers. Dave works one-on-one with people in person or via Skype or Facetime to coach them giving practical advice to confront and handle their problems.

People from all over the world will seek Dave’s advice or help because he gets down to the truth of things quickly. He uses a questionnaire that nets out the specific conditions that have plagued individuals their whole life and by isolating these conditions, gives his clients a unique insight into the actual problem, not the apparent problem.

Dave has traveled to Russia, Ukraine, France, Norway, Sweden and China to deliver seminars and workshops on communication and relationships. He is driven by his purpose to teach others that the first step in handling any problem is gaining the willingness first, to actually confront it.

Dave lives and works in in his private practice in Clearwater, Florida. As part of Dave’s reach to help others, he offers a no-charge, 45 minute consultation that along with the questionnaire, will isolate the exact trouble areas a person is having in their business or personal life.

You can see some of his clients testimonials in the Testimonial section here.

Dave’s new book Facebreak: The Hidden Side of How Texting, Liking, and Stalking Impacts Our Relationships is receiving rave reviews and you can learn more about this book in the Books Section or click on the above link. Dave is already at work on his next book which is an inside look at the effects of Facebook personal behavior in the workspace.

You can reach Dave at daveworthen@gmail.com or go to the Contact Me tab and request a free consultation.