"When you look back on your life you can spot moments and particularly individuals, that saw the goodness that is you, when you couldn't particularly see it yourself. For myself and my wife Peggy, that person was Dave Worthen.

Twenty-five years ago, we were asked to take a personality test and did so. We then met with Dave to have him go over the test with each of us. "First of all, Dave was engaging and very comfortable to talk to and after a few minutes he began to go over the test. You've heard the line, "The truth will set you free". Well that was how it went down.

Dave went over the test that shows a graph of 10 characteristics, and then gently began to describe the interrelationships between these characteristics. We were mesmerized because it was exactly how we behaved and acted out our lives. "You know how easy it is to figure out what's up with someone else infinitely easier than yourself. It is usually because you don't want to go there. Dave helps you go there and LOOK.

I saw that I was really a good person and could do better things if I could better believe in myself. I do now.

Dave, I want you to know that taking the time to put this in writing is inspiring. Many of us look at life as it exists right now, and for me it is pretty good, but we try not to look back to when it wasn't so good. Dave, you saw me at my worst but could only see what was best in me. You are a true friend."

Shaun Kirk

“January 15th, 2005 is a day I will never forget. That is the day Dave Worthen went over my Personality Test. Before my meeting with him, I felt I had things under control and felt I was a pretty successful doctor, although I knew there were areas in my life that weren’t so great.

When Dave went over my personality test results, I was amazed. It was like someone really saw “me” for the first time. It was actually quite liberating to admit to someone that my life wasn’t perfect. Dave helped me look at the areas in my life that needed some attention, areas I had not wanted to confront. He also gave me the tools to help address those areas.

A few months later, I gave Dave a small gift. It was a pack of Lifesavers with a card reading “Thank you for saving my life.” I truly am a much happier person today. I am more successful professionally, and more successful personally. I have a wonderful husband with whom I enjoy creating adventures with. I have a great relationship with my son who is doing very well in life. And I just opened a new office that I truly love going to everyday.

If you are having second thoughts about taking the test--don’t. It will change your life. Thanks Dave for helping change mine.”



"When I took the personality test, I thought it would be a waste of time and really wouldn't reveal anything. I was shocked at how much it revealed about myself and areas that I wanted to improve that I really never told anyone!

I had a happy life, great husband and kids and felt like I was a pretty good Mom--but I guess I just knew it could be better. Because of Dave's help and his ability to bring clarity to my test results, I feel I am a more capable and happy person which of course makes me a better Mom, wife and friend!"


Business Owner

"...I would be so bold to say that this simple test evaluation was one of the most major turning points in my life, if not the most major..." Dr. Jim Gill DVM

"I’m a veterinarian and have owned a veterinary practice for 25 years. It was a year after I opened my veterinary practice that I met Dave Worthen. I can honestly say that because of the Personality Test Evaluation service he did at that time, and the life enhancement program I did thereafter, my business, personal life, and general well-being are improved far beyond anything I could have possibly imagined.

I considered I was doing fairly well when Dave did that evaluation. I knew there were areas I wanted to improve, but honestly, I was not really facing up to what was really going on in my life. This test pointed that out! It was eye-opening, for sure, but the truth definitely resonated with me. Not only did it ring true, it was a bit uncanny that his evaluation from this simple test could be so accurate! I would be so bold to say that this simple test evaluation was one of the most major turning points in my life, if not the most major. I can’t imagine where I would be today if this opportunity had not presented itself.

Today, my practice is doing great and I am afforded the ability to run the practice without me always being there. I am able to take off 3 months a year and I have taken off as much as 6 months in one year. I even did an 11-month sabbatical and ran the practice remotely for that time! I have a fantastic marriage of 34 years, my children are very successful, productive individuals, and life is going great.

This all may seem to be “unbelievable”. Honestly, as I reflect back on where I was then and where I am now, it is to me, too. If I had one piece of advice to someone, it would be this: What do you have to lose for taking a look at what could be done? Lost opportunity is probably one of the biggest losses there is. I can guarantee you, with Dave’s help, something can be done about it.”

Dr. Jim Gill, DVM

“I just wanted to let you know that it was you and your skill in evaluating my Personality Test over the phone back in 1995, that changed my life. It was a real awakening when you got in communication with ME. You found exactly what was ruining my life and it TOTALLY indicated. I now had hope that something could be done about it. After meeting you and signing up for some counseling and doing a few courses, my life took off like a rocket.

I ended up marrying a man who I had known previously who flew from Hawaii to New Jersey and proposed to me. We’ve been married 20 years now and wanted to let you know I have ALWAYS appreciated your knowledge and your real help.

Thank you so much,

Kathryn Ukishima (Hawaii)